Fred Eckard was born on 12/26/1939, and is currently 83 years old.  Fred is a part of Catawba Valley Healthcare Residential Program.  He has been with our program close to twenty years.  Before Fred came to our program he had lived with family and on his own in an apartment near Lenoir-Rhyne University.  Fred was well known around town for always riding his bicycle.  Fred loved his bicycle as it gave him the freedom to get around on his own.  Fred was born and raised in Catawba County.  Fred worked in different manufacturing plants and at the Snack Bar in the kitchen washing dishes and mopping floors.  Fred enjoys watching TV, Andy Griffin, Westerns, and baseball.  Fred states that his favorite team is the Dodgers.  Fred has enjoyed playing T-Ball with Walk-n-Roll program.  Fred still loves to get up to bat and hit the ball with his wooden bat.  Fred enjoys his RC colas, honey buns, and butterscotch candies.  Fred loves his family and enjoys when they come and visit him.  Anytime anyone meets Fred he loves to tell them about his family and about his days working and riding his bike.  Fred is the oldest member of our residential program and the Walk-n-Roll activity group.  As Fred states, “As long as I am able to stand and walk, I will hit the ball hard and far.”