The primary purpose of Project Lifesaver Program is to provide timely responses to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander.

Individuals with developmental disabilities can obtain a locator bracelet through their local sheriff’s office. If the individual is lost, caregivers can contact the local sheriff’s office and a team of trusted officers will find the person with the help of receiver units.

Typically, the bracelets cost about $300 each, but grants and donations allow the sheriff’s offices to purchase bracelets, that may be available in each county. The cost of the tracking bracelets and necessary supplies is conveniently broken down into a monthly service fee. In cases of financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances, alternative fee schedules can be placed into effect. The sheriff’s department replaces the batteries monthly and responds to any issues that arise.

Caregivers are responsible for checking the transmitter with a provided tester once a day. If the bracelet wearer wonders away, caregivers should check obvious places around the home but should not start an extended search. The sheriff’s office should be notified if the individual is not found at home, if the individual changes addresses or if the person is taken to the hospital.


For more information contact the following Sheriff offices:


Alexander County – Sheriff Chris Bowman (828) 632-111

Burke County – Deputy Scott Grasse (828) 438-5500

Catawba County – Lt. Eric Page (828) 465-8299 or (828) 464-5241

Caldwell County – (828) 757-1300

McDowell County – Lynn Greene (828) 652-4000